Become the Arrow


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You have seen him on television and at outdoor expos. Now learn how you can make his shooting philosophy and style work for you.

Byron Ferguson — archery trick shot, bowhunter, longbow manufacturer — developed a modern barebow aiming and shooting system called “become the arrow” for longbow and recurve shooters. The system is easy to learn, reliable and puts your mental and physical focus where it belongs.  As Byron explains, “The arrow is the only thing that extends from you to the target; it is the only projection of yourself, of your concentration and focus. So why shouldn’t you “become the arrow”! You’ll learn the incredible value of visualization, too.

Extensive material on bowhunting also included. A skilled hunter, Ferguson has tagged more than 160 whitetail deer, plus record-book black bear, moose, pronghorn, mule deer, upland game birds and countless small game. He gives you the benefit of his hunting experience, far beyond the “become the arrow” aiming and shooting concept.

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